Al-Mustafa Enclave - Introduction

Al-Mustafa Enclave

Main Muree Road Bhara Kohu, Islamabad, Pakistan

Al-Mustafa Enclave has been designed to provide you with the greatest luxury anyone can offer. With a generous percentage of the project preserved as open area, you can escape the concrete jungles that try to engulf you. Live luxuriously at Al-Mustafa Enclave. The apartment blocks come with spacious corridors, with abundant space for ventilation. The smart design allows all the areas of the project to get natural light and cross ventilation.

A Brilliant New Urban Realm

Accessibility was to the fore when Al-Mustafa Enclave’s master plan was conceived. Nestling between the majestic Traders Colony, Barakahu and Islamabad Medical and Dental College, and within minutes’ reach from all the basic amenities of life, the site of Al-Mustafa Enclave is undergoing a dramatic metamorphosis. Located at the junction of already established developments and up-and-coming projects, Al-Mustafa Enclave blends in seamlessly with cutting-edge contemporary architecture to create an exciting and vibrant new destination.