fortune EMPIRE - Introduction

fortune EMPIRE

E-11, Islamabad, Pakistan

In the milieu of Margala Hills and hinterland of legendary edifices such as the Shah Faisal Mosque and Khudadad Heights, Fortune Empire is set to change the outlook of Islamabad forever. Set on a 15-storey structure, the building fuses luxurious living apartments, capacious car parking, a classy shopping mall, a scrumptious food court, a grand atrium, a corporate workplace, a community center and recreational amenities in its nutshell.

The structure of Fortune Empire extends its features from 2 basements allotted to car parking with an alienated parking facility for the residents, a 3-storey shopping mall including the lower ground, ground and first floors, a large food court on the second floor, a corporate section on the third floor, residential apartments from fourth till eleventh floors along with 3 duplex apartments on every alternate floor, and pent houses on the twelfth and thirteenth floors.

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fortune EMPIRE retains a very strategic position in the city due to its proximity to the Benazir International Airport and conspicuous position on the main Margala Road that gushes toward the Margala Hills, the famous Shah Faisal Mosque, Jinnah Avenue and Fatima Jinnah Park, In addition to this, the Margala Road is also connecting to the Islamabad Express Highway which is again another lucrative feature of the project Its strategic position can also be attributed to the fact that it provides easy access to commercial markets, business offices, schools, hospitals and hotels.